Loadency, committed to revolutionizing transport industry linking goods recipients to carriers. Frontiers in truck dispatching in the U.S.

About Us

As Loadency, we are a dispatching company which works with you hand in hand to ensure that we customize, negotiate, and book carrier loads that meet your financial and work life balance goals. 

Data Management

We provide easy online access to Rate Confirmations and BOL.

Growth Flexibility

We have a pipeline of certified dispatchers to help your business upgrade or downgrade as and when needed


We operate 24 hours a day and 6 days a week to ensure our clients have access to our dispatchers.

Why you should work with us

Adaptability to business changes.

Data-driven incremental improvement

Get all necessary paperwork done stress free

Get help setting up a dispatch schedule.

Receive alerts and resource-based solutions.

24-hour, 6-day-a-week dispatchers.