Logistic Services

Dispatch Logistics                                                                                                                                                                                                    11/10/2022

In 2022, as shippers and their trucker partners struggled without Logistics service. Consumers are spending. Inflation feeds fears of a recession. Spot trucking rates have fallen, but contract rates remain high. Fuel prices have dropped a good deal since mid-year. Both shippers and truckers are feeling their way through this new environment. They are trying to keep operations profitable while planning for a future. One trend our market research survey reveals is that while trucking capacity is somewhat more available than it was a year ago, that hasn’t reduced the cost of shipping freight by truck.

                A conviction is slowly growing among shippers that they need to maintain strong relationships with both their carriers and third-party intermediaries. Twenty-nine percent of shippers consider the shipper-carrier relationship most important. Some carriers are seeking to secure more capacity for their customers while also bolstering the bottom line with an additional revenue stream. In 2021, the two biggest challenges for shippers were reducing transport cost and finding capacity. That’s true in 2022 as well, although the emphasis has shifted a bit. Full truckload (TL) remains the most ubiquitous form of trucking service: 85% of our survey respondents stand ready to haul a trailer filled with product. If you have a smaller load, 65% of trucking companies in the survey can offer less-than-truckload (LTL) service. Seventy-one percent can promise reliable capacity through dedicated contract carriage. If you need a partner that can move your loads on other truckers’ assets as well as its own. You might contact the 78% of respondents that provide logistics services or the 73% that serve as transportation brokers.


Freight Dispatching

  Tired of looking for loads and you have a semi truck?

Our professional team will save you all of your troubles. We charge only 5% and we take care for the following:
Loads search, negotiate best rates, calculate hours, set-up packets, request detentions/layovers.
We will send weekly reports which include all empty miles, loaded miles, revenue, and rate per mile for each week.
Do not hesitate to reach us via email: or feel free to contact us at:1-571-325-1050.